X-Write is the only company of its type in Cyprus that is able to assist you with both CD and DVD duplication and replication.


Replication is the use of a Glass Master which stamps data onto a CD or DVD. The quality of the data on the Glass Master is what determines the quality of the replication. This process is best used when a high volume of discs are required. The turnaround time is slightly longer, however the cost per disc is normally less than that of duplication.


Duplication is the copying (burning) or optical disk authoring of CDs or DVDs. It is a process done utilising recordable discs and a duplication machine. It refers to the extraction of data from a master disc which is then written or burnt onto a blank disc. Duplication is normally useful for small projects that require a quicker turnaround.

CD / DVD Packaging

X-Write can also assist you in the design of and/or selection of DVD or CD packaging or wraps that are best suited to your brand’s image. This includes packaging for CD audio discs, DVD video discs or PC Games/Software. Whatever your needs, X-Write will ensure that the integrity of your brand is protected by consistently producing a high quality finished product. We can create folding cartons, paper lined aluminium ice cream cones, plastic packaging boxes, metallized cardboard boxes and more.

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